Emperor Mountain

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30×40 cm

- " I wanted Asian buildings and nature together. Wanted orange and blue together. Tibetan temple I like, when they are standing on the mountain. Mixed with mountain areas from China. The drawing is based on an old children's book from Asia about a hidden city in mountain areas. This drawing shows a city where only rich people live in. You can call it heavenly city. There was something missing in the drawing, so I drew a windmill there."


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Konsten är tryckt på Scandia 2000 white 24 g miljövänligt syrafritt FSC papper tillverkad av träfri, klorfri massa och är åldersbeständigt i enlighet med ISO 9706. Kännetecknande är den neutrala vitheten, höga opaciteten och kvalitetskänslan. Tillverkas på Lessbo Bruk i Småland.

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Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 34 × 9 × 9 cm

30×40 cm


"With accuracy in the variation of thick and thin lines, David makes his drawings, as if to stand for themselves, stand out from the paper they are drawn on."

Roland Sahrling

"I purchased the artwork because I liked the style and it had many details. Then I also feel that I like being able to support local artists."

Christina Zhou

"David is an incredible artist with a unique ability to pick up beautiful works at the level of detail and at the same time maintain an objective eye-catcher."

Amanda Skog