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We welcome organizations and associations that work with exclusion or disability in children and young people. ​

You who see David Cheung as a role model and his art as inspirational message of not giving up in life! Contact us for more information on extra-affordable deals. ​

We can, for example, lecture for free at you (within Sweden's borders). ​ ​

Everyone has an unique gift. Everyone has a unik gift. Dcunikart's message is that all people have at least one unique gift to give to another person, who in turn shares his/her unik gift to the next person. ​ ​

In this way, rings are created in the water. David has found his unik gift. You don't have to be an artist or a genius to share, but you can give care, love or just be a listening ear for someone. ​ ​

We believe that all people are created to fulfill different purposes here on earth, one of which is to help the one next to you.​


For interviews or other media.

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