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We welcome organizations and associations that work with exclusion or disability in children and young people. ​

You who see David Cheung as a role model and his art as inspirational message of not giving up in life! Contact us for more information on extra-affordable deals. ​

We can, for example, lecture for free at you (within Sweden's borders). ​ ​

Everyone has an unique gift. Everyone has a unik gift. Dcunikart's message is that all people have at least one unique gift to give to another person, who in turn shares his/her unik gift to the next person. ​ ​

In this way, rings are created in the water. David has found his unik gift. You don't have to be an artist or a genius to share, but you can give care, love or just be a listening ear for someone. ​ ​

We believe that all people are created to fulfill different purposes here on earth, one of which is to help the one next to you.​


For interviews or other media.


"With accuracy in the variation of thick and thin lines, David makes his drawings, as if to stand for themselves, stand out from the paper they are drawn on."

Roland Sahrling

"I purchased the artwork because I liked the style and it had many details. Then I also feel that I like being able to support local artists."

Christina Zhou

"David is an incredible artist with a unique ability to pick up beautiful works at the level of detail and at the same time maintain an objective eye-catcher."

Amanda Skog