DC stands for David Cheung. We chose the Swedish word UNIK instead of the English because David, who is born in Scandinavia, will get a Nordic sounding word, though with international character. With his art, we want to create joy and give the message that whatever your circumstances or past history, every person has at least one unik gift that can encourage your next one


David was born in 1983 in Slagelse, Denmark. His parents emigrated from Hong Kong in the 1970s. Then the family moved to Malmö, Sweden. In terms of theoretical studies, David had always had difficulty learning without understanding why.

In 2015, after a tumultuous breakdown with depression, he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 32. It was discovered that his sound, vision and smell were twice as strong as the norm

During the rehabilitation period, David began to write very detailed drawings, something he never did before. He continued this all the way up to today and has collected a unique collection of art that he would like to share.

Just the detail in combination with his fantasies in the paintings has become a bit of David's signature. If you understand the stories behind his paintings, one can understand a bit of how a person with Asperger's syndrome thinks. They usually need silence around them and therefore many of his paintings have motifs of mountains, forests or churches where silence is the source of inspiration.

Hand drawing gave David peace of mind and many drawings came after. The motifs could be from Gothic architecture to crazy espresso machines, David's sour neighbor and patterned imitations of details in nature. His inspiration comes from Japanese anime, gothic church architecture, animals and details in nature.

People with autism have the characteristics of being able to focus on doing one thing for a very long time without getting tired. One of David's hallmarks is his fantastic ability to focus for a very long time on drawing details. The general public began to look for his detail and unique language in his art.

His brother came up with a idea to print art in editions and it was so the idea of ​dcunikart was born.​ ​Dcunikart is a unik poster web shop that offers a selection of David's art that makes it accessible to all over the world to enjoy his art.​


"With accuracy in the variation of thick and thin lines, David makes his drawings, as if to stand for themselves, stand out from the paper they are drawn on."

Roland Sahrling

"I purchased the artwork because I liked the style and it had many details. Then I also feel that I like being able to support local artists."

Christina Zhou

"David is an incredible artist with a unique ability to pick up beautiful works at the level of detail and at the same time maintain an objective eye-catcher."

Amanda Skog



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