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Thoughts spreads from anime, nature, architecture to circuit boards. The common denominator in many of Cheung's motives is that the spectator can always find new things that were originally not obvious, such as a small fishing boat hidden in the corner or a word hidden behind a machine part. It's almost like watching an aquarium with fish, you find new things all the time in the pictures.

“I've been to Tokyo's street areas and seen many nice buildings. And I was inspired by the way people live there."

"this beautiful city building from Manchester in England, I was immediately fond of it, because it reminded of Harry Potters school, a little old, dirty and English architecture. It had a lot of Gothic style many pointed peaks and the tower are reminiscent of an old church tower. It was a challenge to draw it because it was quite complicated but I finally nailed it.“

Fotograf: Kaj Giniewski
Stylist: Caroline Sahlin

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