Canvas prints

The art is printed on canvas, canvases that are stretched on inner wooden frames. The depth of the inner frame is 4 cm ( 1.58 in ). By this, the art elevates more from the wall. Outer frame is not needed, just hang on the wall. These exclusive products are delivered free of charge in well-protected packaging.

Canvas prints online


A selection of our bestsellers, which are also David's personal favorites, came into focus when we chose to expand our range with canvas prints. These are the Beginning of Electronics, Notre Dame Paris, The Imaginative Land, Lego City and the Espresso Machine.

“Notre Dame” in Paris was built on the orders of Bishop Maurice de Sully between the years 1163-1345 and was one of the first Gothic cathedrals in Europe. The Gothic architecture, which contained many organic details such as plants and animals, was something that David was fascinated by. This was inspired to be imprinted in the rest of his art.

“Beginning of Electronics” is an art motif that David was inspired to draw when he took apart a circuit board. Besides being a nice poster of original art, it is now finally also available as a nice canvas print. Digitally printed on canvas, this gives an exclusive finish.

Imaginative art motifs like “The Land of Fantasy” and “Espresso Machine” has been inspired by David's childhood memories. Here you can also see clear abstract expressionism with inspiration from Gothic architecture. He has drawn them completely from his imagination!

Canvas print on the art motif "Lego City" is a crazy mix of Lego pieces and favelas from Rio De Janeiro. David was fascinated by the many favelas with its colors in Rio De Janeiro, that he drew an art painting based on the overcrowding with its details and lego. Hong Kong's overcrowding among the skyscrapers and its details was also a great inspiration for this work of art. Decorate and elevate your home with one of these exclusive canvas prints!

"Notre Dame, one of the finest churches I liked to draw."