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We have divided our art collection into Fine Art Prints, Original art, Canvas Prints and Accessoar. Fine Art Posters are our posters printed in thick paper with fine details. Original Art are signed original works by David that we selected with care
Canvas prints are exclusive canvases hung on wooden frames without a logo where only art comes into focus. These need no framing and can be hung directly on your wall! Then we have Accessoar, which are the small but at least as important things as baby apparel with a nice message and microwave-safe mugs. Here are mugs with i.a. David's original art on. 

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    Fine Art Prints

    Shop posters
  • One singel edition

    Original Art

  • Small great things


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    Limited Special edition posters. Now available.

    Limited Special Edition Posters are completely without a drawn frame, with a slightly changed logo where the artwork gets more focus. Here, the physical framework becomes the only thing that supports art. Below are the thoughts on posters motif Westminster Abbey in Gothic style in London.

    - “It was a period I really liked to draw old churches from the 19th century. I like pointed tops and angular design. Old European churches have old stories that I like ” 

    David Cheung

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  • "I am Unik" baby apparel

    Unique ( Unik in Swedish ) means the only one of its kind, every single person is Unique! Everyone has a unique gift for making their surroundings happier. Baby clothes are available in black and white for different ages with David's imaginative art motif "The Flying Boat" which has been inspired by sci-fi and a Winnie the Pooh episode where he held a balloon. 

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    Home Shop – Insight