Art on ceramic mugs and baby apparel

David's detailed art is now also available on baby clothes and ceramic mugs. Baby clothes with a beautiful message and print with the artwork ”The Flying Boat" will give your little ones a beautiful memory. These baby clothes are available in different sizes for your little ones and in the colors black and white. Bring the morning to life with a unique looking ceramic mug with David's fantastic detailed artwork on it. Our ceramic mugs are 325 ml (11 Oz) and can withstand dishwasher and microwave. These are delivered free of charge in safe packaging.

Fantastic works of art on mugs


We have carefully selected some of David's fantastic works of art for our ceramic mugs. Mugs are usually used in the morning and what is not the best thing about seeing a beautiful inspiring work of art in the morning? The mug with the artwork ”The Hummingbird” are also available as an original work of art that is only available in one single edition! Behind the mug is also David's stylish logo, which in itself is a work of art that he designed himself. The ceramic mug with the artwork "The Lonely Island" has so many details, that every morning you find something new, one day a small boat hidden somewhere, the next day you may find a cute house elsewhere. Art is there to inspire and be discovered!


Baby apparel with art that inspires


All people on this earth are uniquely created, and have their unique gifts! With imaginative art, you can create joy and inspiration for young and old. Therefore, our baby clothes are perfect for parents who want stylish baby clothes beyond the ordinary. The work of art ”The Flying Boat” was chosen as a motif for baby clothes because when David created the artwork, it was created based on his childhood memory. Childhood memories that have been marked by Japanese cartoons, locomotives, boats and islands. Much of David's art has been characterized by anime, this can now be seen as stylish baby clothes and stylish unique mugs!



"When I took apart a circuit board, I got a picture in my head of howt my next drawing should look like."