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Prints online at Art By David

Welcome to the artist David Cheung's web shop based in Malmö. David's art became his battle against depression and burnout, after living in uncertainty with Aspergers. Today, his art is available in posters and prints and also accessories. His hallmark is his imaginative interpretation of the world with its details.

How do I choose the right size?

Finding wall art online for the decoration of a room is a very visual process. How does the size of the art painting fit e.g. to a sofa or bed? Is the poster/canvas size too small or too big for the room? Therefore, we have added different sizes within the same identical room where you can click between the sizes 30 × 40 cm ( 12x16 in ), 50x70cm ( 20x28 in) and 70 × 100 cm ( 28x40 in) to see which is best suited.

Because David's art has such small details, larger sizes of at least 50 × 70 cm ( 20x28 in) and 70 × 100 cm (28x40 in) are recommended.

Paper and print  

The art is printed on Scandia 2000 white 24 g environmentally friendly acid-free FSC paper made of wood-free, chlorine-free pulp and is age-resistant in accordance with ISO 9706. Characteristic is the neutral whiteness, high opacity and quality feeling. Manufactured in ​ Lessbo Bruk in Småland, Sweden.

For 50 × 70 cm (20x28 in) and 70 × 100 cm (28x40in), the art is also printed on acid-free FSC-certified paper, which guarantees that the paper meets the highest environmental standards. The paper is matt uncoated acid-free paper that weighs 200 g / m². This is a thick paper that gives an exclusive finish. Comparatively common posters that are also called posters are at 130-170 g / m².

The poster is delivered from a printing company closest to the buyer, this reduces emissions and arrives faster.