Our Story

My name is William and this is my brother David. He has Asperger's Syndrome and is a self-taught artist who draws drawings of buildings and nature. His special talent is his shadow technique and speed of drawing small details that turn into larger works of art. This is our story. 

He was born 28 Nov 1983 in Slagelse, Denmark to parents from Hong Kong. As a child, he had difficulty with school and could not relate to other children. He was usually alone in his own little world. 

In his adulthood it became difficulty with working or studying, he did not understand why. 

In 2015 he got a mental breakdown and got diagnosed with Aspergers syndrom, he was 32 year. 

He started to use art to express himself and today his art gives joy and inspiration to people.

The motifs in his artwork come from his love of mountains, forests and classic church buildings, which according to him 

Since David wanted to inspire people with his art, and we noticed people were asking to buy it , I created this webshop were we offer fine art prints and some of his original art work. I help him in the marketing.



He is completely self-taught and uses only different ink pens, line thicknesses and his sense of shadow technique to achieve his interpretation of reality.

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