"With art, we want to create joy, inspire and encourage."
  • About David Cheung


    David Cheung grew up not knowing he had autism. But when he received his diagnosis and received the right help to understand his problems, he discovered a fascination for details in nature and architecture. He created art from this, which today brings joy and inspiration to people.

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  • What we believe


    We believe that everyone is unique and has a unique gift to make the world a better life. 

  • Our mission


    You are precious, you are good just the way you are, you have a gift. This is the message we want to give with David Cheung's story and art.


"Then I let the pen guide me to a place were I felt comfortable" 
David Cheung

Art prints

Nya konst posters & original verk kommer löpande. Fri frakt på allt!

Posters online at Art By David Cheung

At Art By David Cheung you will find posters from Malmö artist David Cheung. The art is characterized by peaceful motifs such as churches and organic patterns that then became his way out of depression and burnout. His goal today is to contribute with encouragement, inspiration and joy with his art paintings and posters. 

Here are posters of his drawn art from everywhere from Malmö City Library to Notre Dame in Paristo Westminster Abbey in London.

 In the high performance autism spectrum, especially individuals with Aspergers it is common for them to love small details, which is clearly reflected in David's art. His imaginative design motifs lean towards abstract expressionism and can be drawn in parallel with Jackson Pollocks work. In his architecture paintings, the style is more restrained.  

Authentic wall art with message and story

Our posters appeal to you who are looking for wall art that have not only been designed exclusively by David, but also hold stories with deep emotional values ​​as well as encouraging messages that last far beyond the aesthetic design of the painting.

 Wall art for kids and adults

Davids art motifts has been marked much by his childhood memory such as anime, boats, fantasy houses and lokomotiv. We therefore believe that many children would appreciate these motives. What fits in the interior kids room can also be decorated for the hall such as office, kitchen or living room. You can also combine endlessly with his black and white stylish wall art on famous buildings from your favorite city!

Customer testimonials

  • “I purchased the art print because I liked the style and it had many details. Then I also feel that I like being able to support local artists. ”

    Christina Zhou
  • Christina Zhou

    "David is an incredible artist with a unique ability to pick up beautiful works at the level of detail and at the same time maintain an objective eye-catcher."

    Amanda Skoog
  • Amanda Skoog

    "So many details, we are super satisfied"

    Sanna Pedersen

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  1. Chris

    Vi är mycket nöjda med våran poster, Malmö Apotek Lejonet, gjord och levererad av David Cheung & William Cheung.

    Malmö Apotek Lejonet - Poster av original konstMalmö Apotek Lejonet – Poster av original konst